Monday, August 20, 2018
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Apparently, I am a Vlogger! Well, so my son-in-law informs me, though I think I am just a chap who has now produced some video clips.

It is all to do with our businessmen’s fellowship. I did a short video clip to promote our forthcoming regional conference. My first! I placed it on our Facebook site, and someone suggested I produce a few more with ‘testimonies’ on them. Testimonies? – short accounts of how I have experienced the God we read about in the Bible. In fact, the Bible is his word to us.

So I propped up my iPad on a box on the dining room table, tried to smile a little, and off I went. Occasionally I would be interrupted by the grandfather clock chiming, or knock something on the floor – and then delete what I had recorded.

But – there are now 25 video clips on YouTube, which are being placed on the Businessmen’s Facebook page around once a fortnight.

The first one is at