Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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The Toothache Man!

“Nanny, what did you do?” our seven year old grandson Benjamin asked Wendy, while we were visiting that division of the family in Brittany this week.

“I was a nurse”, explained Wendy. “I used to help doctors”.

“And Grandpa was a toothache man”, said Benjamin, knowingly, and beaming with us in delight at being able to stun us with his knowledge.

How do others see us?

“I see the young dentist”, said one patient at my city practice. That was me!

“I see the old dentist”, said another. That was me too.

“I see the German dentist’. That was me.

“I see the Yank”. That was me.

“I see the red-haired Irishman”. That was me.

“I see the lady with the long black hair”. That was not me. That was Bob Williams, whose voice virtually hit falsetto when excited, and who often needed a haircut!

How do others see you? How would you like them to see you? As a dentist, I wanted people to see me as kind, caring, gentle – and painless. As an author, I want people to see me as engaging, interesting, and though seriously spiritual, not without humour. But most of all, as a Christian, I hope people see something of the love of God in me, making me different, and pointing them to Jesus.