Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Savaged by a Surgeon!


‘Savaged by a Surgeon’.


This was the caption under a photo of me after having my cataract treated last week. But I quickly followed with something like, “Only joking. Great guy with a top team.”

surgeon 2

Cataracts make your eye go a little misty. If it is not treated, it will get mistier. Eventually, one would lose one’s sight. But having the misty lens removed, and a clear plastic one inserted, makes the mist vanish. One can see clearly.


It reminded me of a friend called Clive. He talked about walking slowly across the square in the centre of a local town, Aylsham in Norfolk, on a misty day. He said that as the mist lifted, he could see things come into view that had been hidden by the mist. Shops, the bank, the bus shelter, the town hall, and so on.


He could have likened it to having a cataract removed, but he didn’t. He had recently become a Christian, and he was telling us how he came to see things that he had not seen before. This world is full of things we cannot see – atoms, radio waves, electricity, oxygen, wind, and I could add many more things. These things exist, and when we were young, we did not even know about them. Later we learnt, and believe, and experience them every day. We breathe oxygen, watch television, use electricity, and so on.


We do not see God, and as young people, do not usually SEE the point of the crucifixion, or of worship, or of the relevance of the Bible, and so on. But Clive’s eyes were opened, so to speak, and having seen the point, the relevance, the necessity, etc. of these things, he started enjoying a whole new life.


Now I have a new lens in my eye, I can see properly. Those who truly seek after God and the truth of the gospel, find that they can see. And not just that – they come to enjoy a whole new life.


How about you?


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