Monday, August 20, 2018
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Rocky Bottoms!

It is only recently that we have heard about Rocky Bottoms. Some friends in the north of the county said that Rocky Bottoms was well spoken of by friends of theirs. And more recently our neighbours mentioned it. Everybody seems to be going to Rocky Bottoms. And now we have been too.

It used to be a brick kiln, and later became an agricultural store. Then it fell into disrepair and became delapidated, until it was restored and refurbished and opened as a seafood restaurant. They go out to sea from alongside the building, near East Runton in Norfolk, and bring in crabs, lobsters and other creatures from the rocky bottoms.

It’s run by young people, and the food is delicious.

Sometimes people hit rock bottom. I’ve met some, who went along routes that are not uncommon today. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, crime and prison. Some of the ones I have met have encountered Jesus, surrendered their lives to him, and been amazingly transformed. From rocky bottom to heavenly heights.

I was not rock bottom in that way when I met Jesus, but I was probably on the verge of a nervous breakdown. And since then, the past 52 years have been different. Wonderful in fact.

So whether you’re rocky bottom, or maybe just disappointed with life and unfulfilled, believe me, Jesus can transform you. Wonderfully.

You can read about the change he brought to me in some of my books.