Thursday, June 21, 2018
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New Lives after Dinner!

It was our November dinner at Norwich FGB. “Oh No,” said Wendy and I, almost in unison. Our waistlines have been expanding during our annual holidays, and then conferences and just a few days away. More inches?

But who needs to eat everything on one’s plate – until one starts to taste, and find it is good. Brisket – just like a steak. Roast potatoes. Roast parsnip. And more.

Wendy and I had several guests, all Christians, and all people who had been regular attenders in the past. I had asked unbelievers… and I’ll ask them again.

Our main speaker was Jon Norman, pastor extraordinaire (I don’t invite pastors, but I had delegated this to the vice-presidents). Jon is chaplain to the Norwich City Football Club (Cor – hope he is praying for them. They need it).

Jon gave his life to Jesus aged five, so no dramatic Damascus Road experience, though he has known the power of God since. The congregation of around 200 has increased to around 1,200 in the past 3 years since Jon came to Norwich.

John Wright did a mopping up operation after the formal meeting was closed. He hovered, moving from table to table. Peter and Tina (their first time at a FGB dinner), prayed the ‘sinner’s prayer’, and were soon speaking in tongues.

So was Carl, who came with his Christian girlfriend. Maybe others too. Words of knowledge about ‘itching’ and cramps, and two more came forward for healing.

Rather different from drilling teeth – but this is an eternal work. I’m going to see these guys in heaven one day.

And that food. It was delicious.