Thursday, June 21, 2018
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My Stupid Satnav

We were on our second full circuit of Kings Lynn before we realised that our satnav was having a game with us. Like the time it took us the wrong way up a one way street in Brighton. Satnavs do that sometimes.

My car is a little on the ancient side, but it’s a nice car. Solid. Lots of real wood and hand stitched leather. But a review of this particular model said that ‘the intelligent driver has a Tomtom on the passenger seat.’ Meaning, that my satnav is rubbish, and that a stand-alone model (ideally, a Tomtom) would save me the embarrassments mentioned in my opening paragraph.

But I have better than a Tomtom; I have Wendy. And Wendy has a map. She is an ace navigator, and a few years ago, as we glided majestically through innumerable kilometres of French vineyards and sunflower fields, suggested I make a right turn, then a left, and another right (something like that) – and immediately the journey became around 3 hours shorter.

There are several options on most satnavs – route A, route B, route C, and so on. Which is best? Ask Wendy, as she looks on a map.

Rather like the Christian life in many ways. Life is a journey, and sometimes there are options. The Bible is something like a satnav at such times, giving us parameters within which to decide on the best route for us. Some options are out of bounds, because the Bible tells us they are wrong. So which is right? The Spirit, in this example, is like Wendy giving me the best route from A to B.

When I qualified as a dentist, I had to decide where to work. Some of my colleagues wanted fast cars and fast women and looked for practices where they could earn fast money to finance these dreams. But that was not an option for me, because setting ones heart on cars, women or money makes these things gods. And following them is idolatry, which the Bible calls sin. So I prayed, asking the Holy Spirit to show me the right way. It was to go to Dorset, where I did not earn much money, and drove a rather old car. But I was so happy, and learnt a lot there. Later in life, the Lord gave me money, in His own time. But I still drive a rather old car!

Only the right course in life, which is our most important journey, brings real fulfilment and satisfaction. How are you doing? Think about it.