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My Lovely Grandchildren – each so different!

(Written Thursday 6th July 2017)

I’m writing this at the end of a week-long visit to one of our daughters, Rachel, and her family, who live in Brittany in France. She and her husband Chris, have 3 boys. Elisha is 13, Jonathan is 11, and Benjamin is 6. They are a delight to be with, and ask questions that show what’s going through their minds at times.

“Grandpa. Is it true you once caught a burglar?” I was asked this evening when saying Goodnight to them in bed.

I told them how I had caught the villain late at night in my city practice.


After a while, I let him go.

“Did you make him a cup of tea first?” asked Elisha. I explained that I did not, but they thought their mother had told them otherwise. I asked if they had read my books, where they could read such stories. Apparently they have read parts of them.

“Tell us about other burglars you’ve caught,” they chorused. So I told them about burglars I knew, and others who had broken into my surgeries, but were not caught.

I love my family, and my grandchildren are each so special, and each so different. Jonathan often has a football, and has great ball control. He turned up at 55 consecutive football practices, received an award, and was in the local paper. Elisha is creative, like his parents who are each designers. He made a model aeroplane this afternoon, added a motor, and flew it in the garden by remote control from his mobile phone. It took him about 10 minutes to make it and set it up. Benjamin skips around, chattering and smiling – nearly always. At age 6, he is trilingual. French, English, and Breton. Aged 6!

We too have differing gifts and abilities. It can make the world a better place if we use them rightly – or chaotic if we compete with one another. Likewise in the family of God, the Church. In our church, we try to get everybody doing what they are called to do. It’s fulfilling. It’s how we are meant to be. How about you?

I love my family, who are spread out around the world. And I love the family of God I am a part of here in my home in Norfolk, UK. All so different, but each so special.