Monday, August 20, 2018
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Long Leg, Short Leg!

So much of my life was ‘teeth’. “Why have you come to see me?” I would ask a new patient. And what was the reply at times? “It’s me teeth!” I would be tempted to ask, “Oh, not your heart or your foot or your bladder, then?”

My other line was the bookshop. Holy books and holey teeth, as I think I blogged last week. I did not repeat myself when I was young. I did not repeat myself when I was young.

I really loved both the dental practice and the Christian bookshop. And I loved the people who came to them. I think I was very blessed to spend so much of my life working with people. I love people, I suppose. These days my only connection with a dental surgeon is when I go and see my old friend Jim Peirson, and have them checked. Though, having said that, my next trip is to have an upper premolar filled. And of course I write about teeth, and dentistry generally.

The Christian bookshop was also a place where real miracles happened from time to time. Dave Twidle, the manager, and others who worked there would lay hands on the sick and pray for them. Some got healed. I heard an account of something similar this week.

My friend Rod Robertson from our local businessmen’s fellowship (FGB) came round for lunch this week. He was reminiscing, and said, “Did I tell you about the yellow baby who got healed?” He had not, but it went like this.

A man who had recently come to faith asked Rod, “Does Jesus really heal?” because Rod had been preaching about it. Rod told him that Jesus is certainly real and alive today, and heals the sick. The man then asked whether Jesus would heal his sister’s new baby, as it was sick, and had jaundice. The following week the man arrived with a baby in his arms, and took it to Rod. Rod was joined by his wife Chrissie and they laid hands on the yellow baby and prayed.

“And the yellow baby went white,” said Rod. I thought that was wonderful, but Rod continued.“The next week he came in with his brother-in-law, and he had a long leg and a short leg,” Rod continued. ‘A long leg and a short leg – Rod calls a spade a spade, and with a strong Scottish accent. So we prayed and they were then the same size. I wanted to ask Rod whether the long grew shorter, or the short grew longer, or some of each. But he continued.

“Did I never tell you about the communion wine?” he asked. He had not. They filled the chalice with Ribena (some churches!!!) and before they took communion, a child ran out to the front and knocked it over. It all spilt and there was no more. So Rod placed a cloth over the empty chalice and prayed, and when he removed it, the chalice was full again. (I wonder whether it was the real stuff that time!). Apparently it was being videoed, and the tape remains in the archives of the Church of God in the USA.

We have had quite a number of people testify to healing miracles during this last year at our businessmen’s meetings. I love to hear about them, as that is just a foretaste of heaven, where there will be no more sickness, or pain, or suffering, or any distress. Looking forward to it.

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