Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Just Wendy and Me!

Wendy and I are just back from celebrating, belatedly, our wedding anniversary. A rather nice country hotel, situated in a quiet village, and serving a seven course dinner each evening.


The food was almost too much, and upon reflection, one night would have been better for the diet. Far better.

But the best part was time together. Sitting in the visitor centre at Cley with a light lunch (Norfolk pasty!) and gazing out across the salt marshes at ducks, geese, and great flocks of…. starlings? Little brown jobs?

Later, strolling around Titchwell bird sanctuary in the drizzle, and being followed by a friendly robin.


Finally, walking the quayside at Wells, and enjoying the peace and serenity of a still day under a blue sky.

It is all about relationship. Just being together. Sometimes in conversation. Sometimes quietly appreciating the togetherness.

Like Jesus and me. Together. Enjoying. Sometimes reading scripture. Sometimes prayer. Sometimes quietly. Jesus and me.