Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Ignore the Cat!

03 - Cat!

Ignore the Constipated Cat!

03 - Cat!

My site is set up so that every blog here automatically appears on Twitter, and then Facebook. For some reason, my blogs come through, quite often, with a picture of the cover of the Constipated Cat book. I have no idea why, as the blogs are sometimes about another of my books. It irritates me, and might leave you wondering, “Why the cat?”

03 - Cat!

However, there is a Maestro who looks after these things for me, and I’m sure it will soon stop happening.


Constipated cat? Reminds me that since my eye ops I am more comfortable wearing sunglasses. I have been told that I’m a ‘cool cat’, though the expression ‘cool dude’ has also been used.

Cool cat



PS. The Curious Case of the Constipated Cat continues to be available, with all my other books, at and all good bookshops.

02 - Front Cover master 2 copy