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I Love St. Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is always fun!

I remember when I first took Wendy out in March 2002. She mentioned that she had never, ever received a Valentine’s card. When married many years ago, her husband had told her they were a waste of money. That year, as a single man, I had bought fourteen and sent out twelve – so I sent the two left over to Wendy, even though it was a month late!

Since then, we have had a romantic candle-lit meal every Valentine’s Day.

This year I was cooking, which is unusual. (Wendy usually cooks on St. Valentine’s Day). Prawn cocktail (not cooked, but delicious – thank you, Tesco) and a Mexican casserole. Plus champagne and Shiraz.

Wendy put a post on Facebook concerning the real St. Valentine. I have copied and pasted it below –

St. Valentine was imprisoned, beheaded and buried on Feb 14th, 269 AD in Via Flaminia (outside of Rome) for aiding persecuted believers & marrying Christian couples.

He was known for extraordinary miracles including healing the jailers daughter of blindness in the prison where he was unjustly held. The jailer then granted freedom to all Christian inmates because of his miracle!

St Valentine continued to refuse to denounce his faith in Christ and so he was sentenced to be beaten & beheaded. On the day of his execution – FEBRUARY 14th – he wrote a note to the girl he healed from blindness signed ‘Your Valentine’.

Valentines Day is MUCH MORE than a commercialised holiday to buy your wife flowers (although thats never a bad idea), but it’s a reminder to pray for the persecuted church, cheer on those who are aiding them, BOLDLY PROFESS YOUR LOVE FOR JESUS, and hold your loved ones close.

We had a Full Gospel Fellowship Supper and Prayer Meeting at our home yesterday (16th February) evening. I thought of the meaning of real love. We had 22 people for supper, and Wendy cooked a topside of beef, boned leg of lamb, and a similar one of pork. Plus vegetables. Plus puddings.

And she smiled throughout, and is always, always cheerful. She serves herself last. I think that is real love.

Bob led us in praise and worship. He says his whole life has been changed by Jesus (and by his Valentine, Connie!) – but especially by Jesus. That’s real love – to change what man cannot change. Bob was healed of chemical burns on his legs when some FGB (Full Gospel, etc.) people prayed for him in January. Jesus healed him. That is real love – to heal what man cannot heal.

Neil asked for prayer last night. His back prevented him from moving at all freely. He was prayed for. Guess what – Jesus healed him, and he started bending down to touch his toes, and smiling. That’s real love – freeing what man cannot free.

I love St. Valentine’s Day. But more than that – I love Jesus and what he does for me and for those I love.