Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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I Caught a Burglar!

Have you ever caught a burglar? I did once, as I wrote in a recent blog. My grandchildren were asking me about it. It was late at night when I drove to my city practice after a meeting of a convention in Norwich. I was behind with my paperwork because of the convention, and calling in at the surgery to catch up on forms and signatures, etc. disturbed a villain.

He had a black polo necked pullover, black gloves, black jeans and trainers. He even had short black hair (that looked like fur) on his head.

I was scared, but tried to sound bold, saying loudly, “What do you think you’re doing here?’ or something like that.

“You’ve got me, mate. Got me,” was his quivering response. He showed me where he had gained entry through a small toilet window, and promised me he had taken nothing. I did not know what to do with him. (My grandsons had been told that I made him a cup of tea, but that was not true!)

So I let him go. After opening the front door wide and standing back, he walked slowly to it, and then ran like a hare down the road, losing himself to in the shadows.

I wonder how he felt? I wonder how he had felt when I caught him? I wonder if it made any difference to the way he lived his life after that?

In the Bible, Jesus likens peoples’ lives to being in captivity. I meet people who are captive to drug taking, alcohol dependant, or who simply cannot settle in a relationship, job or church. They are captives, and some of them realise it. But we all are, unless and until we come to Jesus. He ‘sets the captive free’ – and it makes a difference. Many of us have felt like the burglar who ran like a hare when I set him free. Life takes on a new quality. Old habits fall away. We have a new future.

Disappointed with life? You can have better, you know. Read my books, or get in touch through my website. You might be surprised at what the future holds for you.