Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Holey Teeth!

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“I’m a man who sells holy books, and who fills holey teeth,” was my standard line when asked what I did for a living. I was the proprietor of a Christian bookshop, and also had a few dental surgeries.


‘In Aylsham, Norfolk, heaven and hell stand side by side’ read a newspaper article on me some years ago, alluding to my dual enterprises.



I see my life as a unity. I think the word used today is holistic. I am a dentist by profession, but also a bookseller. Not to mention a husband, father, grandfather, speaker, writer and author. Oh yes, and Christian!



So on Radio Norfolk this week, whilst introducing my 6 ‘desert island discs’ and speaking about my recently published LICENSED TO DRILL – Dentist on the Loose! I also mentioned how I used to be a confirmed atheist, but had the life-changing experience of being born-again. And when I’m preaching or teaching in churches or evangelistic dinners, I might mention my days in the surgery.


I am not several rigidly separate compartments – I’m one whole man. And whether I was filling teeth, chatting to neighbours in our village, or am playing with our grandchildren, I trust that the life of God flows through me out into this world and the people I meet.

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Some encouraging news this week, was that Jarrolds reported that all my books have ‘steady sales’. Bodes well for LICENSED TO DRILL! Holey teeth, man, that’s cool. I mean, ‘Thank you Lord’.

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