Thursday, June 21, 2018
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He Is Risen!

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It’s Easter Sunday, and we rejoice that Jesus is risen.


I was reflecting on this a day or two ago. What does it mean for me, that Jesus is risen? What does it mean for you?


Firstly, my thinking went to Acts 2:33, where Peter tells those who thought he and his companions were drunk, that Jesus had ascended to the Father, been given the Holy Spirit which he was pouring out on his followers. It makes a difference! They lost their inhibitions in praise and worship – and people thought they were drunk. And they went on to preach with power, heal the sick and cast out demons.

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Likewise today, the risen Jesus pouring out the Spirit makes a difference. My whole life changed when the Spirit entered my life.


Secondly, I thought how good it is that Jesus has broken down the sin barrier between man and God, and becomes the mediator bringing me into sonship. I have a Heavenly Father who really looks after me. After my wife left me for another man in 2001, I felt the Lord say, “I’ll give you a better life and I’ll give you a better wife.” “Wishful thinking,” said some who knew how happy we had been. But after 14 years of marriage to Wendy, we’re still both pinching ourselves because we can hardly believe it is true.


And could I retire with a remortgage at age 57, with most of my savings gone, and 2 of my pensions gone with my ex-wife in Canada? Maybe it was impossible humanly speaking, but my Father looks after me so well. I am blessed indeed. I am laughing for joy.


Finally, Jesus said he was going to prepare a place for us, and though he rose again, he has gone ahead. His followers follow. I look forward to spending eternity with him, but also with those members of his family that I have enjoyed time with here on earth.


He is risen! Hence my quality of life, hence my being looked after so well by my Heavenly Father, and hence the future I look forward to.

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He is risen!

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