Thursday, June 21, 2018
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He Coughed Out a Cancer!

Wendy and I are just back from 2 conferences. One was the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, and whereas some fellowships go on a retreat, we go on an ‘advance’.

David Hathaway was our main speaker. I remember following his story in the newspapers and on the radio back in 1972, when he was imprisoned in communist Czechoslovakia for smuggling a few tons of Bibles into the country.

He had done it a lot, but this time he was caught. With a 10 year sentence in a cesspit of a prison, believers everywhere were praying for him.

Not surprising then, that after 1 year, former prime minister Harold Wilson flew to Prague and brought David home.

He now speaks in many nations, and is regarded as a hero in the Ukraine and Israel. He had many stories of miraculous provision and protection. One incident that was impressive was of his healing from lung cancer. After being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer many years ago, he declined medical treatment but asked for prayer. He then coughed up the cancer, and has had no signs or symptoms since. That is our God.

David spoke with urgency. So many prophecies relating to the end times have been fulfilled, and the return of Jesus is probably closer than we imagine.

Esther 4:14 was a key scripture, stating that the Lord gives us opportunity to serve him in the supernatural, endued with power from on high. But if we do not take the opportunity, he will use others instead. So – let us ADVANCE!