Monday, August 20, 2018
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Food, Glorious Food!

Food, Glorious Food!

“All you do is eat, Barrie,” said a friend recently, alluding to photographs of food I had placed on Facebook. But it’s not true. Well, partially. But I do do other things.

I enjoy photography, and am regularly putting together photobooks of our various holidays, and an annual yearbook. I love views of rivers and mountains and animals, and especially of family. But most people enjoy food, and photographs of food give me a feel-good feeling – and can remind me of the occasion.

Photographs of food also add colour. Most dishes have colours in them, and really add a splash to the pages of the books.

Also, I review every hotel, restaurant, and place of interest I visit on TripAdvisor, and often include photographs. Did you know that TripAdvisor have a league table of advisors for each city? I won’t tell you my position in Norwich, but it does suggest that I’m a traveller and a foodie.

I make no apologies for telling people that I used to be an atheist, but became a practising, born-again Christian rather suddenly in October 1965. Christians are told to ‘feed on the word of God’. That’s religious-talk, and means that we need to read the Bible, and let its teaching sink deeply into us. Wendy and I read scripture both together and separately every day. Like prawn curry, or rump steak, it makes us strong. But spiritually.

Food, glorious food!

And, by the way, if you if you find the way I write irritates you, don’t go near my books! However, should you enjoy my writing….

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