Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Fat Boy!

Fat Boy – I know I shouldn’t really call him that, but I’m not much good at either remembering or pronouncing North Korean names. So, Fat Boy.

It really can be alarming when a man who is obviously out of his mind, leads a nation in a tyrannical manner. It is even more alarming when they detonate a hydrogen bomb so powerful that people in a neighbouring country run into the streets as their homes shake with the earth tremor.

And their major enemy threatens a response in terms of fire and fury. This too could cause concern.

Floods have done incalculable damage to large urban areas of Texas, and an unrelated hurricane has rendered some Caribbean islands ‘virtually uninhabitable’. The worst earthquake to hit Mexico ever has destroyed homes and taken lives.

Islamic State is on the retreat after murdering, beheading, and torturing countless Christians. But believers are still being martyred in so many countries, largely Islamic, but also India.

And in the UK, expressing ones faith is becoming increasingly difficult. Well, it’s not too bad if you don’t mention sex, abortion, other faiths, and many other values which are integral to biblical Christianity.

But maybe nuclear war will soon end all of these sufferings. I think not. Persecution, tsunamis, disasters, wars, etc. are listed as some of the signs of the end of this present world. But the end will come when the Lord determines it. Jesus, not Fat Boy or anyone else. And He will return for His people, who will be quite secure with Him.

North Korea concerns me. And floods and hurricanes and persecution. But I’m trusting in Jesus, and know that the end will come when He decides. Why? Because He is in control of all things. Phew – it’s good to know Who’s really in control.