Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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I’m very involved with Norwich FGB. Nothing to do with the KGB, but a fellowship of evangelistic Christian businessmen.


For years we have held monthly dinners, but more recently have believed the Lord has been speaking to us about change. So on a recent Saturday we hired a ‘nightspot’ for the evening, and had a Christian ‘Elvis’ together with supporting DJ. It was an amazing evening, with scores of people who are generally unlikely to share our faith.


Music, music, music, with a floor full of dancers, laughter and fun. Andy Kelso as Elvis shared how he had a high-speed motor bike accident, with no crash helmet, at the age of 19. Expecting to die, he shouted out “God help me.” As he walked from the scene of the accident, he vowed to serve the God who he had not realised existed. And that was just the start of the story.


And so many Elvis songs. Thank you to Andy, and his wife Charm.


A great evening with great music, and a great story about a great God who hears all who cry out to him.