Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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I was speaking at a meeting in Warrington when it was announced that the following month they would have Dave Scott-Morgan of ELO with them. Who? ELO?

No problem – my wife explained. ELO stands for Electric Light Orchestra, and Dave Scott-Morgan had been their vocalist for a number of years. They were famous. They were a 70s group – or was it 80s. Wow!

And then an idea from heaven – invite them to Norwich. And on 26th June, they were with us. Dave, wife Mandy, and keyboard player Alan ‘Piano’ Smith. What an evening!

We dined, and that was great. And then, Dave, Mandy and Alan. Did they sing, and did they rock! I loved Mandy’s tambourine playing, and Dave sort-of danced at times. Alan made the keyboard talk. The restaurant at the Mercure was full of people tapping feet, smiling, and sometimes singing along.

Between numbers, Dave told his story. When asked to join ELO, he said, “But that’s a proper job.”

When told they would pay him what he was worth, he said, “I can’t live on that.”

But after a trip to the USA, he returned to the UK disappointed with the people he worked with, with the way he was treated, and with himself. Someone took him to church where he was amazed that the preacher spoke on ‘Disappointment’. Then he realised that God was speaking to him. He left that church a different man. He surrendered his life to Jesus. He has been enjoying a whole new life ever since.

I had asked him what their fee was. Dave told me, “If we’re doing it for Jesus, we don’t charge. But we would appreciate our expenses.”

After the concert, we sat up until around 1am, sharing our various stories and a few funny ones. Over some red wine.

We continued over breakfast. Then we prayed together. They laid hands on Wendy praying for rapid healing of her shoulder (that the hospital says will take 18 months). I laid hands on Alan and asked the Lord to heal his toothache. We had Christian hugs and they drove off in the direction of Birmingham.

So now I know what ELO is. And a restaurant full of people know what Jesus can do with a disappointed man.