Monday, August 20, 2018
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Chopped Off Fingers and Toes!

“Ley them chop off my toes, but leave my fingers.”

That was what Andrew White prayed after being kidnapped in Iraq, and locked in a totally dark room. For 2 days he was given water three times a day.

“They were not very good kidnappers,” he told us at a recent FGB dinner. “They forgot my mobile phone! I found it and turned on the torch. The floor of my room was covered with fingers and toes the kidnappers had chopped off previous victims. I prayed, “Let them chop off my toes, but leave my fingers. I need them for writing books.””

“But as I said, they were not very good kidnappers. They did not realise I had a money belt on.

We all need pocket money when we go out, and I had $50,000 on me. So I offered them a deal, and gave them $50,000 and they let me go.”

That was just one story Andrew White, ‘The Vicar of Baghdad’, told us. He had always loved Jesus, knew that Iraq was where He wanted him, and saw countless miracles there. So often angels were seen over the persecuted Christians there.

I know that Jesus loves me, and some people have seen angels in our sitting room. I thank God He has not sent me to Iraq, and those who know Andrew White pray for him and his family often.