Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Charles Darwin

We have been staying with friends in Surrey this week, and on Wednesday went to Down House, the home of Charles Darwin. What a wealthy man he was, and also with his wife being a member of the Wedgwood family. A beautiful house and garden, and so many facts, figures, exhibits, videos, etc. A remarkable man.

Evolution. Of course things change, but does one species change into another? The colours of creatures change with the environment, and some are more adapted to the world, and therefore tend to survive better than those that are not.

Evolution. I look at my own body. It’s overweight. But, on a more positive note, I have kidneys with zillions of miniature filters, self-lubricating joints, more billions of capillary blood vessels that might stretch to the moon if joined together, incredible self-repair processes, etc. etc.

Faith. I don’t have blind faith, but I do think. My complex body, and millions of other, different complex bodies of animals and plants – can I believe they were created, or did they come about by chance, by accident?

Faith. I have to believe in a Creator, and not in chance/accident producing millions of amazing designs. The odds of these things being chance are off the end of my spectrum of faith.

But Charles Darwin was a remarkable man, and his home in Kent is well worth a visit.