Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Blood, Guts and Curry!


Today (Saturday) has been a day of blood, guts and curry! Well, overstatement, but a number of Christian dentist friends came round for a curry lunch (Well done, Wonder Woman)


and a presentation by Nick Stolls on his work on the Mercy Ships on the west coast of Africa. Blood and teeth, gums, cysts and tumours.


Why does Nick give up several weeks of potentially lucrative employment, and pay his air fares and other costs, to work for free on these sick, impoverished people? Think about it.

Suddenly, neither Wendy nor I can drive. We could never have seen it coming, with a dog unexpectedly pulling her over in the village, fracturing the head of the right humerus in four places.

broken arm

And all my friends rave about cataract operations. “Saw perfectly next morning,” they say, with a huge smile. Well, I didn’t, and I don’t, and it’s been 5 days. I’m sill living in the mist.

eye patch

So a big Thankyou to kind people, especially Fiona, Wendy’s daughter, Richard Steven from our church, and James and Amanda, also from our church, who have given up so much time for us this week. The love of family – natural family and spiritual family – is very real. And appreciated.


Finally, my book LICENSED TO DRILL was published on Thursday. At last. My proofreader says it is going to be a bestseller, but it’s not so simple. Maybe you would like to get a copy and tell me what you think. Amazon is the obvious source for most people today.

(What a long link!)

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