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Ankles and Ears!

Wendy and I find our lives increasingly being taken up with FGB. Taken up gladly, that is.

My life and time used to be more teeth orientated. I wonder why I became a dentist? It was about wanting people to experience something a lot less scary than I had as a child. In my teenage years, it was the image of a friendly dentist portrayed by Sandy Pitt-Steele at the practice where I was treated in North Walsham. It was curiously related to my childhood passion for leeches, frogs, mice, etc. It’s all in my books, of course!

And so for 40 years I checked, scraped, X-rayed, drilled, filled, crowned, extracted, and replaced teeth.

But my real passion from the age of 21 was the person of Jesus. I had been an atheist, but wondered. I investigated, and sought the truth, and one day, was aware of the presence of God. A month later I surrendered my life to him. I was changed, and have never looked back.

FGB? Full Gospel Businessmen. We are businessmen of every description – plumbers, farmers, scientists, truck drivers, doctors, electricians, geologists… and from every denomination – C of E, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, URC, and so on. We meet in around 150 nations, and in Nigeria alone, there are over 3,000 FGB fellowships (we call them ‘chapters’) and over 100,000 members.

And then there’s the rest of the world!

In Norwich, we meet for a ‘fellowship evening’ each month, and also an outreach event. The fellowship meetings are usually in our home, and always involve food. As president, Wendy and I are very much involved, and much of the success of the fellowship is down to Wendy’s cooking and general hospitality.

But this week, Malcolm and Moira Springall hosted the meeting. Malcolm was the chef, and treated us to chilli beef, chicken casserole, and bangers and mash.

He had a dining room full, with 3 tables. Then praise and worship, led by Bob.

Roly had bad tinnitus, and we prayed that the power of God would come upon him and heal him.

Bob had the word “ankles” and Christine said she had ankle problems. More prayer, followed by Christine saying that they suddenly felt better. Well, how amazing was that!

I received a phone message from Roly two days later. His ears were better with the tinnitus gone, and he had told an unbeliever all about it, and she had prayed and given her life to Jesus.

That’s why I enjoy being a part of FGB!

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  1. Well done Barrie. An excellent post !