Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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An Epic Drive!

It’s time for a blog. So why have I been silent for a week or two? Mainly because of a glitch, or was it a bug, that has afflicted my site. This is the problem.

I can write about my latest book, LICENSED TO DRILL – about my desert island discs programme on the radio, or about my interview on Radio Europe in Malaga, or of Amazon selling out… and then Facebook displays a picture of THE CONSTIPATED CAT. Its the wrong book. It’s embarrassing. It’s counter-productive. So I stopped, as also, I’ve been away for 2 or 3 weeks. But maybe the Maestro who looks after my site has fixed it. We’ll see.

It was over 3 weeks ago that Wendy and I drove to Wales, where I was speaking at a dinner meeting. I had not spoken, or even started to eat, when a man approached and asked if I was ‘the author’. “I want 6 books,” he explained. A great start – and there was more. An excellent dinner, and lovely people. Then to Nottingham for 2 days of meetings of the businessmen fellowship and again. “I’ll have 6 books,” said one man. 6 books must be fashionable. Long may it continue.

Then holiday – Castleton, Dewsbury, Seahouses, Dunbar, Lossiemouth, John O’Groats, the Orkneys, Loch Lomond… We covered over 2100 miles, and drove back 475 miles in 9 hours and 15 minutes, with a 30 minute break for a bread roll and coffee. I told someone about my epic drive, and they said, “You’re insane!”

Home sweet home – we love it. The joy of being with friends (a good crowd came round to join us for worship in our sitting room last Sunday. More this Sunday), and the great joy of running a lad in our village to his prom Friday night. Proms and weddings – I love the high spirits and mood of fun and celebration.

Life is good, both at home and away. Sadly, a funeral in Kent this week, and then off to France to stay with family for 7 days.

I thank God for health, strength, joy, and so much more, that has enabled me to live life to the full for so many decades. It all started when Barrie the atheist started seeking the truth…. but you know all about that from my previous blogs. Want to know more? – message me, or read my books.

I wonder if Facebook will pick up the cat book to display with this? I do hope not!