Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Alcohol, Drugs, and.. um.. er.. ‘Partying’,

Ryan told us his life was a succession of alcoholic stupors, drugs, and sex. Except the local Christian internet network said ‘partying’. By which they meant sex!

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I am very much a part of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship (FGB). Some of us travel to speak at dinners, where we ‘tell our story’. Mine is about training to be a dentist, and my life in practice. I might even mention false teeth vanishing down toilets, and suchlike, but we major on our spiritual stories. I was an atheist until I started to seriously search for the truth. But that’s my story. This week I heard Ryan’s story.

He spoke at our Norwich dinner, and told us about his surfing days, and how that led him into over-drinking, drugs and promiscuity. He did not know who he really was, and sometimes was the comedian, sometimes the wise man, and so on, depending on the company he was keeping. So he blotted out his confusion, and feeling of inadequacy, with drink and drugs.

One day he came to realise that this lifestyle was self-destructive, and stopped drinking. But it was sometime later that he responded to the gospel message, raised his hand in church, and gave his life to Christ. Later still, he was praying when Jesus appeared beside him, and changed his life forever. He sensed the glory of God, a defining moment of who he now is.

Ryan is still a very young man. He works as a chartered surveyor, but most of all likes telling people about how his life was forever changed by Jesus. Actually, that is what I really like to do too. You can read my story in my books, available at (UK) and (North America).