Monday, August 20, 2018
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A Jewish Week!

It’s been quite a Jewish week for me. My friend Daniel, the rabbi at the orthodox synagogue, emailed to invite Wendy and me to a wine-tasting evening on Thursday. At the synagogue.

Then he emailed again, inviting to be as his personal guest at a special service last Saturday, at which the Lord Mayor and a number of Christian ministers would be present. I accepted and went.

Then my friend Jonny, of the Jewish congregation, phoned to invite us to dinner last Monday. We accepted and went.

The service was 2 hours and in Hebrew. But it was explained, and almost fun at times. They sang in Hebrew (I joined in with LaLa’s and tongues) and Daniel grinned and started clapping, whilst doing a thumbs-up between claps. Everybody was friendly.

There were just seven of us at the wine-tasting. Six wines. Lots of info, and laughter. A fun evening.

The dinner party was excellent, with a variety of interesting and decent people present. Everybody loves Jonny, a great people-person.

I find great warmth and good humour in the Jewish community. I also know several messianic Jews, and love their sense of being ‘complete’, having found the Messiah.

Romans 11:29 reads, ‘The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable’. No wonder the Jewish people are so successful in so many areas of life. I love them, and pray that more and more will come to recognise the Messiah.