Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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A Funny Lot – Family!

We are a funny lot. Family. Well, with apologies to the others, because I concede that I am often the one that’s rather different.

Wendy’s family invaded us this weekend – and it was great. Brother, sister, nephews, niece, daughter, granddaughters, cousins…. We enjoyed train rides, boat ride, golf, and generally meeting, eating and laughing together.

Tall, short, slim, not-so-slim, loud laughs, soft laughs, long hair, short hair, no beard, small beard, huge beard…

We are a funny lot – all different. But all the same family, with much shared history.

Earlier today I met with our church. We are a funny lot. Church family. All different. Tall, short, loud, quiet…..

I love my families. Church family – we need to love each other because we have an eternity together in front of us. And I love them now. We belong, and have a shared history, which includes Calvary and the resurrection.

Looking forward to eternity, I am.